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Newsletter June 2012

TPMS Significant Factor Reducing Tire Problems

NHTSA Pre-Crash Phase Chart

According to NHTSA’s April study TPMS may have a positive impact on reducing overall tire related accidents. The study looks at statistics from January 2005 through December 2007. While it’s true that there were fewer TPMS vehicles during that time period (2% of those studied), there is still enough data that can be compared against the values expected to occur by chance alone. The study concluded that “significantly less than expected tires were observed to be extremely underinflated when TPMS [systems were in active use].” Statistics showed that there were fewer tire related accidents when tires were at the correct inflation level.

This information provides a great talking point in the sales process and especially when overcoming objections to the perceived added cost of TPMS. Anyone who is concerned about choosing tires for safety reasons will welcome facts like these, which encourage them to maintain a working TPMS system. A well planned and placed affirmation leads to closing a sale.

Here’s an example: “I appreciate your desire to provide a safe driving experience for your family and carpool friends. Doesn’t knowing that a working TPMS system has been shown to reduce tire related accidents provide you with peace of mind?

When the customer says yes to this kind of question they are really saying yes to the sensor sale.

The report, Tire-Related Factors in the Pre-Crash Phase, may be read in its entirety on the NHTSA site: TPMS is on page six.


Nissan Easy Fill Tire Alert

Easy Fill Tire Alert

In addition to ensuring safety, TPMS technology is being used to provide convenience for consumers. 2013 Nissan Altima and Quest models have a built in Easy Fill Tire Alert that automatically flashes the headlights as you pressurize tires and honks the horn when the correct pressure has been reached. This feature makes pressurizing tires easy in low light situations.

Spotlight on New Sensors

TPMS Sensor part # OTR-X200

New Sensor OPA-PA0A

This new sensor covers 2012 Nissan NV models Click here to view a list of all OPA-PA0A applications.


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