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Newsletter February 2012

How to Relearn Ford Vehicles

Ford TPMS Relearn Worng

It has been Oro-Tek's experience that the best way to get all Ford vehicles since 2010 (model year) into relearn mode is to use the brake pedal method with ignotion from off/on three times, regardless of the hazard light method described in Ford's printed or online manuals.   Check out Ford Relearns in our App Guide now. (log in required to retrieve relearn).

OTI-003 Applications Enhanced

iORO logo

We have addedmore coverage to our OTI-003 sensors.  OTI-003 now covers vehicles which have been previously covered by our single protocol sensors OSC-0064, OSC-0069 and OSE-7636.  Check out the complete list of all applications covered by Oro-Teks's OTI-003 multi application TPMS sensor.


OTR-X200 Available Now

TPMS Sensor part # OTR-X200

Sensor part number OTR-X200 is available now. Use OTR-X200 to cover your 2011 & 2012 Hyundai and Kia customers.  Check out the complete application list for OTR-X200

Application Guide Covers 2012 Models

2012 TPMS Application Guide Our industry leading application guide continues to outpace all competition.  Oro-Tek's application guide is up to date with all 2012 vehicles.   Search our TPMS sensor Application Guide now.

TPMS Boot Camp Seminars

TPMS Boot Camp

TPMS Boot Camp is a fast paced, interesting, and informative seminar provided by Oro-Tek and is free for your distributor or retail shop to host.  Our boot camp is designed to build up TPMS knowhow, empower frontline personnel to excel at capitalizing on this virtually untapped revenue stream, making the customer an ally.

TPMS Boot Camp focuses on:

  • History, Trends, and Opportunities – Identify potential TPMS customers and educate with confidence!
  • Vehicle Inspection Practices – Preemptive strike, spot the damaged sensors beforehand.
  • Relearn/Reset/Trigger Tool Training – Assemble your arsenal, lock and load
  • Sales Strategies – Deploying all that you learned for the victory of win-win scenarios!

Schedule of TPMS Boot Camp Seminars
Denver, CO02/07
Nashville, TN.........................02/08
Lawrenceville, GA02/15
Golden Valley, MN02/16
Pembroke, FL02/21
Richmond, VA02/29
Charlotte, NC........................02/28
Kenner, LA03/06
Orlando, FL03/07

To attend one of the scheduled seminars contact Daryl Caliendo at (877) 738-6500 or email

To sponsor a free TPMS Boot Camp contact Dave Nissel at (877) 738-9990 oremail

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