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Newsletter July 2011

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Myth: There’s no rush to find a TPMS solution because TPMS batteries are good for ten years.

TPMS sensor with alarm clock

TPMS battery life has received some well deserved attention in auto and tire industry press recently. It's been a longstanding general expectation that original equipment TPMS batteries would fail after five years or 50,000 miles in the field. Some even forecast a ten year or 100,000 mile life span, seemingly affording many a shop owner the leeway to put off commitment to a TPMS solution until later. The truth of the matter is that TPMS is here by government mandate so it’s here to stay and tire repair shops are already seeing some increase in number of vehicles brandishing telltale TPMS warning lights. Shops without a TPMS solution typically end up referring customers out of their shop doors to the new car dealer, giving away revenue and an opportunity to earn the customer’s repeat business.

Will TPMS batteries all run dead in the same year? No one really knows. Harsh weather conditions in fall and winter may accelerate sensor battery failure rate but waiting to see the numbers increase before getting a TPMS solution in place is a gamble that has just as much likelihood to disappoint as it does to favor. One thing is for sure, TPMS issues are not like the Y2K scares almost a decade ago. We know the batteries will expire because it’s already happening. So the clock is ticking, we just don't know at exactly for what hour the alarm is set.

While battery failure is a good reason to replace OE TPMS sensors and it's not the only one. Replacing aging TPMS sensors at the appropriate time can save the customer money in the long run. And saving the customer money translates into customer loyalty when you make the customer aware of their options and service their needs in house.
The best opportunities to replace TPMS sensors:

  • When replacing tires - If the vehicle is over 5 years old or has over 50,000 miles, recommend replacing sensors too. This will save the customer money by not having to pay for an additional mount in balance in a year when there TPMS sensors fail
  • Broken/Corroded sensors
  • Wheel & Tire Packages - Cost of new sensors is equal to or less than the labor to swap OE sensors and reset
  • Seasonal or purpose tire sets - A dedicated set of sensors in a new set of tires costs less swapping sensors and resetting twice annually. It may save the customer time too.

iORO Reset Instructions

iORO insructions thumbnailDid you know that iORO sensors have a one hour relearn window? Once the tire with a properly installed iORO sensor has been pressurized the clock starts ticking. If the relearn is not successfully completed within one hour the sensor will exit relearn mode to preserve battery life. You can reset the relearn clock by airing down the tire completely, waiting five minutes and pressurizing the tire to placard specifications. You can find our complete installation and reset instructions online at our website, on the support page… or just click here.


SEMA SHow 2011 Logo smallOROTEKOROTEK is gearing up for a fantastic SEMA show. We’re showcasing our iORO sensors OTI-001 and OTI-002 at booth 48076 in the Wheel and Tire section of the south hall.  See you there!

Website Translation

SEMA SHow 2011 Logo smallWe are proud to announce that our website can can now be translated to over fifty languages, including Spanish and French. Simply select from a drop down Google Translation bar on each page and viola, tres bien! Even our App Guide and Relearn procedures have the translator feature. Fabuloso!

Spotlight on New Sensors

SEMA SHow 2011 Logo smallNew sensor available now is our OBE-012 for late model BMW’s. For a complete application guide see please click here.

SEMA Webinar - TPMS 101

SEMA SHow 2011 Logo smallSEMA WTC is sponsoring a webinar on “TPMS 101: Identifying and Understanding the Opportunity” featuring our Owner President, Russ Fuller. The Webinar will take place on September 21st at 10am.

TPMS 101 is fast paced, interesting, and informative Webinar that provides industry insights into identifying and maximizing selling opportunities. Uncover simple and practical sales strategies that will allow you to comfortably capitalize on this untapped revenue stream. TPMS 101 will provide attendees with:

  • History, Trends, and Opportunities
  • Vehicle Inspection Practices
  • Technical Know-how
  • Tools & Resources
  • Sales Strategies
Russ Fuller biographical photo 25 years in the Wheel and Wheel Accessory business. Started his career with Western Wheel in 1984. Worked in production control at OE wheel manufacturing facility in La Mirada CA. In 1988 joined his father Everett Fuller at Coyote Enterprises. During tenure with Coyote, Russ developed many of the manufacturing standards used today by accessory manufacturers in Asia. Started Revolution Supply in 2003. Initially developed OE Chrome Exchange Cap and Wheel Accessory programs. Began developing our TPMS product line in 2007. Was one of Orange Electronics original distributors prior to Belle Tire taking over the program in Q3 of 2008. Began developing the Oro-Tek line of sensors in Q4 of 2008.

Online Training Videos

OROTEK Video LibraryWe just launched our training videos library where you can find quick and easy tutorials such as how to relearn iORO sensors and reset the relearn window. Click here to check it out.
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