TPMS Reset Procedure
Make:Toyota Model:Prius C Sub-Model:Two Year:2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Before performing the re-learn procedure below, please review all data in your owner’s manual pertaining to your TPMS system.
Note if installing Oro-Tek sensors and using a factory scan tool use the last 7 numbers of the sensor ESN.
Required Tools
Toyota intelligent tester, Toyota Techstream


Properly fomatted scan tool can be used.  

  1. Review all data in your owner's manual pertaining to the TPMS System
  2. Verify vehicle application is covered by required tool
  3. Update Tool Software
  4. Verify that the tool is working properly (replace battery if necessary)

NOTE: This Step should be performed only by a technician who has been properly trained in the operation and installation of TPMS Systems.
  1. Install Sensors - Properly install tire pressure sensor(s)
  2. Tire Pressure - Confirm all tire are inflated to tires pressures indicated on tire pressure placard located on drivers side door jamb (see tire pressure placard example below)
  3. Eliminate Interference - To ensure control unit memorizes the correct sensor ID's, the vehicle with new sensor(s) must be more than 3m (10 ft.) from any other TPM sensor(s) not installed on that vehicle.
This is a sample Tire Pressure Placard.  Not for this specific vehicle.

 Relearn Procedure - Toyota Techstream
  1. With the ignition OFF position, connect the Toyota Techstream to DLC3

  2. Turn ignition switch to ON position
  3. Enter the following menus: chassis/tire pressure monitor/utility/ID registration. Registration can be started while in initialization mode. However, initialization will be cancelled when the registration is started. If this step is not completed within 30 seconds, registration mode will be cancelled
  4. Perform the procedures displayed on the Techstream
Confirm TPM Sensor ID Registration 
  1. Enter the following menus: chassis/tire pressure monitor/data list
  2. Read the “ID Tire Inflation Pressure” values
  3. Confirm that the expected tire pressure data of all tires (including the spare tire) is displayed on the Techstream screen. NOTE: It may take up to two to three minutes to update the tire pressure data. If the values are not displayed after a few minutes, perform troubleshooting according to the inspection procedure for DTCs C2121/21 to C2125/25. If the IDs have not been registered, DTC C2171/71 is set after three minutes or more. NOTE: If equipped, initialization can also be confirmed on the Multi-information display. It may take about two to three minutes until the values are displayed

Relearn Procedure - Properly Formatted Scan Tool
  1. Following the instructions supplied by the manufacturer of your properly formatted scan tool. Read the sensor ID's into your scan tool starting with the Left Front Tire, contact tire sidewall near air valve and press the switch to learn the sensor ID's

  2. Repeat step 3 on the remaining tires, in the following order:

          Right Front Tire

          Right Rear Tire

          Left Rear Tire

  1. Turn ignition switch to ON position
  2. Connect Scan Tool to DLC3 and write sensor ID's
  3. With ignition still in the ON position, re-scan the sensors
  4. Test drive the vehicle above 30MPH for at least 10 minutes 

 Reset Procedure - Tire Rotation Only

  1. Ensure all tires are inflated to pressures indicated on Tire Pressure Placard
  2. Turn ignition to ON position
  3. Hold down pressure warning reset switch until TPMS indicator blinks 3 times.  NOTE: DO NOT PUSH THIS BUTTON IF REPLACING SENSORS OR TPMS INDICATOR LIGHT COMES ON WHILE DRIVING

  4. "Pressure Initial" is displayed
  5. It will take several minutes for the control unit to receive the signals from the sensors and complete the sensor initialization process


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