TPMS Reset Procedure
Make:Mini Model:Cooper Paceman Sub-Model:Base Year:2013, 2014
Before performing the re-learn procedure below, please review all data in your owner’s manual pertaining to your TPMS system.


1.     Properly install tire pressure sensors.


This step should be performed only by a tire technician who has been properly trained in the operation and installation of TPMS systems.


2.     Confirm all tires are inflated to the pressure indicated on tire placard. (located in the door jam of your vehicle)

This is a sample tire pressure placard.

Not for this specific vehicle.




3.     Turn the ignition switch to the “ON” position with the engine “OFF”.


4.     Push and hold the tire pressure warning reset button until the tire pressure warning light comes on, or “SET TIRE PRESSURE” is displayed on the instrument cluster.



5.     Drive the vehicle until initialization is complete and the TPMS warning light goes off.                  

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