TPMS Reset Procedure
Make:BMW Model:650i Sub-Model:Base Year:2012, 2013, 2014

Required Tools




1.   Review all data in your owner’s manual pertaining to your TPMS system.  


Note: This step should be performed only by a tire technician who has been properly trained in the operation and installation of TPMS systems.

1.   Install Sensors - Properly install tire pressure sensors. 

2.   Tire Pressure - Confirm all tires are inflated to the pressure indicated on tire placard. (the tire placard is located on the door jam of your vehicle)


This is a sample tire pressure placard.

Not for this specific vehicle.

3.   Eliminate Interference - To ensure the control unit memorizes the correct sensor ID, the vehicle with the new sensor must be at least 3 m. (10 ft.) from any other TPMS pressure sensor not installed on that vehicle.


Procedure for vehicles with a Control Display

If your vehicle does not have a Control Display then Click on this link for the relearn procedure


1.   Start vehicle



2.   Press the Menu button

3.   Turn the controller to highlight Vehicle Info, press down on the controller to select.


4.   Turn the controller to highlight Vehicle Status, press down on the controller to select.

5.   Turn the controller to highlight Reset, press down on the controller to select.

6.   Start driving. The tires are shown in gray and "Resetting TPM..." is displayed. After driving a few minutes, the set inflation pressures in the tires are accepted as the target values to be monitored. The resetting process is completed automatically as you drive. On the Control Display, the wheels are shown in green and "Status: TPM active" is displayed. The trip can be interrupted at any time. When driving resumes, resetting continues automatically. If a flat tire is detected while the system is resetting, all tires on the Control Display are displayed in yellow.



Procedure for vehicles without a Control Display


1.   Start the engine, but do not start driving.


2.   Push the toggle switch in the turn indicator lever down repeatedly until the TPM symbol appears in the display and Reset is displayed.

3.   Press the BC button to confirm your choice of the Tire Pressure Monitor. Active Reset is displayed.

4.   Press the BC button again for 5 seconds, until Resetting is displayed.

5.   Start driving. After several minutes of driving time, the adjusted inflation pressures will be adopted as nominal values. The resetting is completed automatically as you drive. The indicator lamp goes out after the system reset is completed. You can stop driving at any time. The resetting continues automatically when you resume driving.


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